How to get reset cause in u-boot by reading PMIC registers on Apalis imx6

I want to get status of reset cause of my system in u-boot whenever system boot.
I have gone through the following link:
Watchdog (Linux)

Here you suggested that to know the status of reset, we should read PMIC register for Colibri iMX7.

Can you suggest me how to get reset cause status for Apalis imx6.

Thank you.

Hi @Nitish ,

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Could you please try this watchdog document.


Thank you Deven.
But the document that you shared above will provide us the reason of reset cause by watchdog. I need something which could differentiate that the reset is cause by WDOG (watchdog) or POR(power on reset). Could you suggest me the way for this.

Hi @Nitish ,

What is your BSP version ?