How to Flash VF 61 from recovery mode

H/W : iris carrier board,colibri VF61 256MBIT V1.1B

Actually i am using win ce 6.0 in this module suddenly its not booting
now when i try to start VF61 in recovery mode its not working. as per
your proc

  1. i shorted 1&2 pin in JP1 in iris board and then powered on board
    and removed the wire
  2. next i executed

imx_uart.exe --no-rtscts COM4: .\vybrid_eboot.conf

where com4 is port i am using here

it says startimg associated phase for a long time but nothing happens

Will you please tell me on how to do this

I have exactly the same problem. Does anyone from Toradex want to comment on this ???

Could you please provide more details about your case?

  • HW version of your module?
  • What WinCE BSP version you are using imx_uart.exe from?
  • What exactly command did you use and error message you’ve got?