How to Flash new Linux Image on colibri_T20 evaluation bord?

I am trying put module into recovery mode, but it doesn’t seem to be in recovery mode.
the module has already Linux Image and I am trying flash new Linux Image, but the module doesn’t changing in to recovery mode.

Kindly resolve the issue.

If you already have Linux still running on the module simply enter the U-Boot boot loader’s command shell console and enter the following to change into recovery mode:

Colibri T20 # enterrcm
Entering RCM...

Whether or not the module indeed entered the recovery mode can be checked on your Linux workstation connected to the Colibri’s USB device port as follows:

[user@host ~]$ lsusb | grep -i nvidia
Bus 002 Device 016: ID 0955:7820 NVidia Corp. Tegra 2 AC100 developer mode

For more information concerning the flashing of Tegra modules please have a look at the following article on our developer website.

The module does not boot properly, so in the recovery mode command shell does not show up.
In the recovery mode module does not display any thing .

Yes, in recovery mode there won’t be anything shown on any display at all. The only thing NVIDIA’s T30 SoC does in recovery mode is waiting for a USB device connection in turn talking NVIDIA’s recovery protocol e.g. using open-source tegrarcm or prorietary NvFlash.

If nothing is showing on the display then how to run the following command;-

run setupdate

run update

to flash the new image.

As explained in the above mentioned flashing article in the flashing from scratch section you will first have to transfer U-Boot via USB recovery protocol as follows:
./ -d -r 512 -v V1_2