How to fix missing labels in florence?


does anybody know how to solve the missing key labels problem in florence?
I downloaded 2.6B1 and 2.5B3 to confirm the problem was not related to any of my own modifications in openembedded.
I didn’t notice this issue as of before 2.5B3.

The only reference to this problem seems to be here: raspberry forum.
But neither upgrading the recipes to florence 0.6.3 seems to solve the problem, nor executing “setxkbmap de” or specifying the full x11-layout with model, variant and layout…

Regards TJ_alpha


I quickly looked into the source package, it seems that those icons are svg files. Could it be that those are not deployed? Maybe check with opkg files florence. Do you see any error messages when starting florence from a terminal?

Hi Stefan,
thanks for your reply.

But even in the debian-package for armhf - which is working - I can’t see any svgs that would make a major difference to the openembedded version of florence…

There is also no error message when starting florence from a terminal.

It seems that a combination of bugs in Florence at the use of newer libraries (probably newer version of librsvg) introduce the issue.

Upgrading to the latest GTK2 version of Florence seems to resolve the issue. I pushed such a recipe to our meta-toradex layer: