How to find Memory Leakage in C++, QML application?

Hello all,
I’m building application in VS2008 in which im using C++ and QML( in Qt Creator) (Qt version 4.8.4).

But currently im facing problem of memory leakage. When i use my application for 6-7 hours with data recording and saving in SQLite database, error pops up of low program memory. Data recording is only in KBs.

Please see attached video for your reference.

How to debug/rectify memory leakage issues?

Dear @kshah,

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To exactly figure out which functions doing the memory leak, could you follow this documentation :

Please let us know if you face any difficulty with this.

Does it also locate leak problems in QML files also?

Dear @kshah,

If you provide the debug files path of QML then it will say otherwise it will show the function pointer where a memory leak occurs of the particular DLL or application.

What does device root directory in WinCE6?

Copy appverif.exe, verifhlp.dll, shim_heap.dll, shim_hleak.dll, shim_verifier.dll, shim_usergdi.dll from “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Platform Builder\6.00\CEPB\wcetk\ddtk\armv4” to the device root directory.

Dear @kshah,

My device is a root directory.

I have gone thru the article… But results not yet found…
Meanwhile during the debugging, we found that memory leakage is in the Sqlite connection. So we checked the demo code provided on toradex website.

We inserted data for around 10 times and show it around 10 times. Every time memory increases by 4-8 KB. Could you please check it at your end and verify? If that’s the case, then problem must be in API of Sqlite.