How to drive pin 79 to 3.3v prior to boot (Yocto) on Colibri iMX6?

I’m seeing a ~.6V level on the Colibri’s X1 pin 79 (ALT5 definition of GPIO2_IO19) during powerup. If I install a low resistance pullup on this line to 3.3V I see a level of 2V, which tells me it is configured as some form of output, resulting in contention on this line.

Is there any way to configure this to be driven high (3.3V) or an input (high impedance) prior to executing code from within the bootloader?

We are using the Aster carrier board.

Thank you!

Has this questions been answered? I can’t seem to find a response.

I’ve flashed Linux Reference Minimal Image 5.3.0.I’ and checked that pin - it was set as input. Which image you are using? Could you also specify your Colibri iMX6 module HW version?

We are using Yocto 5.3.0. The module is Colibri iMX6DL 512MB V1.1A.

Does it mean you are building your own image?