How to do read write in smart card in apalis imx6Q?

i have installed pcsc-lite on board and i have connected reader to board then i run pcscd -afd the ATR get detected now i want to know how to do read write on smart card on desktop i used scriptor so please help me how to do read write using pcsc-lite or how to install pcsc-tools.


There seems to be opensc on in OE which seems to provide some command line tools working with smart cards.
Note that opensc is not installable from an Angstrom package feed, you will have to setup your own build.

scriptor as part of pcsc-tools seems to be a perl script. So you probably can use opkg to install whatever components of perl is needed and copy the perl script to the module, give it executable permissions and check if that works.

You could write your own smart card application on top of the pcsc-lite API to get your own tailored software.