How to Disable Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse on Colibri iMX7 Win CE system


We want to deploy the headless system for our product and for that we need to disable functionalities like Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse attached to Colibri Evaluation board. We are expecting that this will further improve our system response time also.
Please guide us to do the same.

Bipin Kumar

You can disable Windows Explorer as described here -

You can also disable loading rtcsync.exe and launcher.exe if you don’t need it as well.
To disable mouse and keyboard please follow this thread.

Hi Alex,

Will there be improvement in response time of the system after disabling Window explorer, Mouse and Keyboard ?


Dear @bipin7301,

If you disable a few drivers that would improve the performance but not a drastic improvement. We would like to know where do you see performance blocking, we may suggest relevant information to optimize it.

We documented disabling drivers here : to disable unused drivers.

If you are not using display and UI application then you can build a headless system by building a custom image rather than using the standard image. In addition to that, you can disable all the unused components from the standard image. Please be remember that most of the threads are loading during operations system loading and never be executed until relevant action triggers internally by the operating system or external input events. This case only device booting time is only the burden.

If you are looking particular thread has to execute with higher priority and more quantum time then WinCE supports API for that. Please refer to this blog : for more information.

If you write to us where do you see the performance blocking and more details about the product specification or feature requirement then we may suggest the necessary things should be included with an operating system image.