How to detect keys by reading ADC data


i am new user of toradex and going to perform this activity as mentioned in question. i am using vf61 board with iris var 1.0. kindly suggest me from where can i get information regarding this.

Could you quickly let us know which OS you plan to use?

I am using Windows CE & i am going to interface 3x3 matrix keypad with my board…

I did a quick search on internet and found reference which you may want to use:

ADC Library is available here ( ) with the documentation and example code.

BTW: we have matrix keypad example but using digital IOs, see here:

To know more on how to contact support, please read this article:

Thanks for your support. Actually in the above link ( the keypad has matrix form inputs i.e 8 pins are connected to the board (4 rows + 4 columns). But in my case , i am using keypad that has only one input pin that i connected to the ANALOG_IN1. kindly suggest me an article having one input pin to the board…

Please check this link : here will find one example on ADC Input.

I suggest you to take help from some external consultants if you don’t have experience with the embedded hardware or software development.