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Have problem with Col VF61 256MB IT V1.2B false boot load with Win CE

Please describe your problem, providing as much detail as possible to help us understand the issue thoroughly.

Hello Alex,

We have problem some problem with Eversys display with Toradex Colibri VF61,

  1. Blank screen when i update firmware
  2. White Screen
  3. Lagging Screen
  4. Hang for the Screen

After we change Toradex to new and solve the problem, and we want to ask any solution if we doing Backup restore image to Toradex .



I’m sorry, but I’m still finding it difficult to fully understand your problem and assess your setup.
Currently, I can only see that you are running an application unknown to us, and it isn’t working as you expected.
Could you please provide the following information to help me assist you better?

  • Specify the OS and its BSP release that you are using on the Colibri VF61.
  • Provide details about the carrier board you are using.
  • Provide a schematic snippet that shows how the display is connected to the Colibri VF61.
  • Share a link to the display datasheet.
  • Describe in detail the procedure you followed for the firmware update. Please note that the recommended method for upgrading is by using the Update Tool.
  • Please explain precisely what actions you took when you mentioned ‘changing Toradex to new and solving the problem’