How to Convert Open Source QT to Commercial QT in Linux Image?

We have Toradex V2.6 Linux image built with open source Qt. We purchased a Qt license and need to have Linux image built with commercial Qt. Can Toradex help with this conversion?

Most Qt components are now dual licensed under both their commercial license and LGPL/GPLv3. Although some components remain commercial only.

Do you require X11? If not, you can begin by following the documentation provided by Qt for building the commercial Boot2Qt image. This is the preferred approach.

If you require X11, then you may stick with using our qt5 Linux image provided by meta-toradex. Although you may need to further integrate some components for use with commercial features. Qt provides documentation regarding the installation of the commercial license

I did try to build Boot2Qt image. But there is a problem with the image built. The touch screen is not working properly. I addressed this problem in a comment of this thread:
but did not get a solution. We also contacted QT for help with that. QT has not been able to help either.