How to connect toradex board without FF UART with USB


I want to connect toradex board with putty.

I use FFUART for gprs modem and I use UART B for telit module so ı could not connect to linux board.

you can say use the IP but I have diffirent subnet Ip so ı cant connect with Ip.

for example;

my Ip :

toradex board Ip :

in this case ı want to connect via usb ? can ı do this ?

Sure, have a look at the following article on our developer website explaining available USB device mode options:

which function am ı use ?

am ı use gser ( Generic serial bulk in/out ) function ?

gser definition in here " The function talks to the Linux-USB generic serial driver"

I use colibri imx6 DL, iris carrier board and have a linux (angstrom )operation system …