How to connect HP printer to VF50 in wince 6.0?

I want to use printer by USB with the toradex VF50 using wince 6.0 OS on a Viola Carrier Board. What are the essential resources to be used to make my device able to detect & use printer (HP Printer)?

Dear @Mania,

To actually print text and/or graphics, you need to write (and read) the correct data to this port.

Some printers use a standard command set (e.g. PCL, which is supported by WinCE)
Other printers uses their own language, which is vendor specific.
Your job is now to find out which commands you need to send to the printer, and implement this in your application.

Related documentation links:

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Dear @raja.tx,

I try to connect USB printer with VF50 & Iris carrier board. It show printer option in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Printers/ and drive value pcl.dll. But I am not able to detect printer connected through USB.
Please suggests me, What is missing in settings?