How to connect fcc cable to T30?

My T30 SODDIM has become disconnected from the Iris Carrier Board on the Video connect (FCC cable).
How do I reinsert the FCC cable into the connector on the back of the T30 SODDIM?

Hi @djaus and Welcome to the Toradex Community!!!

For the correct connection of FCC Cable between Colbri T30 and the Iris Carrier Board, please have a look here.

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Thanks Jaski for the reply.
I did see that but it doesn’t say HOW you actually connect the cable to the connector.
Is there some “lever” to action. Just trying to push it doesn’t work.

Hi @djaus

Yes, there is black “lever” on the Iris Board and brown “lever” on the module. You need to pull them out before talking out the cable and push them pack once the cable is inserted.

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