How to connect Dial-up connection automatically in colibri T20

Hi, I am newbie to Colibri boards. I am using WINCE7 in my colibri T20 board. In this board every time I connect my modemvia USB, I have to make settings inNetworks and Dial-up connections. I want to make the connection automatically on start-up. For this I can make settings using registry file but Still I need to open my connectionsinNetworks and Dial-up connectionsand clickconnect button.` I can’t figure out how to automate this thing. So, please help me to automate my modem connections. Thanks

Dear @tabish

Many settings in Windows CE are stored in the registry. On Toradex products, the registry is located in RAM, therefore all such settings are lost after a reboot.

In order to make settings permanent, you have to save the registry:

START → Programs → ColibriTools → SaveReg

I didn’t test whether the settings you need are all stored in the registry. So if SaveReg does not help, please get back to me.

Regards, Andy

@andy.tx Can’t find any thing relevant in savereg. Only thing I got is AT command to enable GPRS. But it’s useless for me as still I need to do settings in Dial-up connections,. Please help

Dear @tabish

Sorry for being unspecific in my previous reply, I thought your concern was to save the connection properties permanently.

For establishing the connection automatically, I’m afraid we don’t have experience. I found the following links which could be interesting for you:

  • Establishing GPRS Connection on Windows CE and Windows Mobile: Sample Codes
    – You probably should try the Windows Mobile approach first, using the connection manager (which was not present in Windows CE5, at the time when this article was written).
    – I think there is a bug in the example code: The last parameter of EstablishConnection() should be a reference parameter ( HRESULT EstablishConnection(...., HANDLE &hConnection); )
  • Using the Connection Manager
    – This article seems to also contain some background information about the Connection Manager.

Regards, Andy