How to configure GPIO pins with internal pull­up resistors


I need to configure the following pins with internal pull­up resistors.

Ixora GPIO 4 (X27 pin 16, MMX3 pin 7)
Ixora GPIO 5 (X27 pin 17, MMX3 pin 11)

Please suggest me how to configure.
Note: I am using Buildroot build system to customize the kernel

Hi @mohi and Welcome to the Toradex Community!

Could you provide the version of the Hardware and Software of your module?

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I Am using hardware version (Apalis imx6q V1.1C) Carrier board (Ixora V1.1A)
Software version (Apalis IMX6 -2.8b6)

hi @mohi

You need to change the devicetree and compile a custom devicetree as explained here resp. here.
This documentation will explain how to setup the Pad register for Pull up and Pulldown resistors.

To know which SODIMM pin belongs to which PAD, please check the section 4.4 of the Datasheet.

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Hi @jaski.tx

Thank you :slight_smile:
I will test and let you know the update.


You are welcome. Please let us know your results.

Thanks, @jaski.tx,
Am able to configure GPIO pins with internal pull­up resistors.

Perfect, that it works. Thanks for the feedback.