How to Configure a GPIO1_IO10 pin with a 100k PD/PU colibri i.MX7D?


I want to configure a GPIO1_IO10 & GPIO1_IO11 pin in ALT5 (flextimer1.PHA & flextimer1.PHB respectively) with 100k PD/PU mode. Kindly suggest the way to do it.
Colibri i.MX7D (Cortex -M4)
Kinetis Design Studio

Hi @Manish ,
I have edited my answers because I misread your platform as iMX8 (my mistake)

Please check FreeRTOS_BSP_i.MX_7Dual_API_Reference_Manual.pdf->GPIO Driver.
The below two configuration pads are mentioned to set alternative functions and pull status.

SW_MUX_CTL_PAD_GPIO1_IO : mux fields can be set
SW_PAD_CTL_PAD_GPIO1_IO : pull fields can be set

more information on the above pads can be found in iMX7D processor reference manual.