How to configure 10.1" Touch Display or the Kynetics Android 9 image?

I’ve installed the Android 9 image on the specifications listed below. The image enables LVDS output on the board, however, the screen resolution is off when the documentation states that it’s configured for Toradex’s 10.1" display. I’ve tried to set the video resolution through the command line and it didn’t change. How else can I change the display resolution for this Android 9 image?

Hello Tony,

Support for Android on Toradex products is currently provided through our partners. Toradex itself does not provide support for Android, Kynetics, our preferred Android integrator provides a regularly updated and tested open-source Evaluation BSP for i.MX 8 based modules, as well as Evaluation BSPs in binary format for i.MX6 and i.MX7 based modules.

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