How to check which pin is pulled up and which pin is pulled down

I have a Voila Plus board and Voila VF61. Pins 8 - 18 are available for GPIO. I have written simple program to get pin level and found out that only pin10 is pulled down and rest of the GPIOs are pulled up. I checked the voila datasheet but it is not mentioned that GPIOs are pulled up or pulled down. I even checked the VFxx datasheet but this was also not mentioned in the datasheet.
I got a function Gpio_GetConfigString which is used to get the current pin configuration. I checked it for pin 8 which is SODIMM_135 and got the following result:


Now in this, it shows dir=in so does this means that this pin will act as input by default.?

What does level means.? If level 1 means high pin state then what pull=none means?

Can anyone please explain these parameters to me or refer me to some links. Thanks


I can only comment how to do it using MemMap library. Using Vybrid reference manual you need to find IOMUX register for the pin you are looking at.

In this document we describe mapping between SODIMM and Vybrid ball →

You can see that SODIMM 135 is PTD10. Inside reference mmanual IOMUXC_PTD10 has address 0x40048164. You can map this address using MemMap library. After you read the value you just need to check PULL UP bits.