How to change toradex logo in the wall paper (WEC7)


For production, it used to work earlier in WEC OS Rev 1.2. I used windows control panel and changed the wallpaper with our logo and saved the registry settings, exported the registry. Used that registry settings and the image.png of the logo in the new unit and it worked fine.

But in the new Toradex Colibri modules with OS rev 1.3 or later this approach is not working.

How to change the logo in production? For us, a registry key containing the new image file name is a better way as we don’t build the OS image and use the Toradex provided one.

I tested on image 1.3 and CE7, I selected a different background from control panel and it worked.
I saved registry and then rebooted and my new background was still there.
Did you do something different?

This way it works but in a production scenario, it doesn’t. You just did the 1st part.

Now, if you export the registry settings of this module and import that reg settings to a different module, earlier, it showed our logo. Now, it shows Toradex. We need a way to put our logo while we import the registry settings to a new production module without manually going to control panel and change the logo for each unit.

For creating this production reg setting, I copy a logo file in the \FlashDisk folder in our Master Unit and change the logo as you described and save the registry settings. Then I export a copy of this reg setting of the Master Unit and put the logo file in the same place of the Production Unit and import the registry settings (of the Master Unit) and it showed our logo in the production units. We used OS Rev 1.2 and it worked fine. Now in OS image Rev 1.3 this doesn’t work.

If there is another way that can be achieved, please let me know.

Ok, now we know what part is not working.
With image 1.3 you are still able to configure a background and keep it persistent across reboots.
This is what I did then to reproduce your production scenario:

  • use update tool to backup registry
  • clear registry and reboot
  • background is back to toradex one
  • restore registry using update tool
  • reboot (settings are applied only after reboot and you should not save registry after restore, otherwise you will save a clear registry)
  • the background is there

I am loading my background bitmap from \FlashDisk.

So also this seems to be working, do you perform some of those steps in a different way?

I am using this in a batch file which used to work:

echo. echo Loading registry .... Regedit.exe /s \FlashDisk\Settings.reg echo done

echo Saving registry .... \windows\update.exe /fu echo done
  1. But you mentioned “restore registry using update tool” what do you mean by that?
  2. What is the difference between “restore registry” and “save registry”?
  3. In Settings.reg file we have all our custom application and wallpaper related info. We need to save it in the production unit. How?
  1. with update tool you can now save and restore the whole registry, as documented here:
  2. save stores the current registry state (in RAM) to flash. Restore loads it from storage and saves it to boot flash, applying it on next reboot
  3. the procedure you reported seems to be correct, can you please check if the keys are there after the regedit command or if they disappear after reboot?

All the registry key seems to hold but the image still remains Toradex. Which key is responsible for the wallpaper image?

This is the key used to select background image: