How to change to stop power mode on win ce 6

Hi, I need to change the vf50 128MB power mode to a lowest power mode while running win ce 6

Dear @msolijen

To enter the lowest possible power mode you can simply pull the module’s 3.3V supply to GND (turn it off).
To resume, just turn on the 3.3V supply, the module will boot back to operational mode within about 10 seconds.
Make sure that your carrier board behaves correctly, in order to avoid unwanted current feeds through Gpio pins while the CPU is unpowered.

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Hi andy, thanks for your fast answer. I’m sorry, I may not have explained my problem well. I need to enter in this mode:

but i need to change the register into win ce 6 regedit, and I don’t found it, and I dont know what value put it in.

thank you!!!

What you are looking for is suspend mode.

You will also need to setup some wakeup sources.
By default card detect of the SD card is wakeup source. So if you reinsert SD card on our EVB it will wakeup module