How to change preferred version of Qt5 on tdx-reference-multimedia-image?


I followed the instructions here and generated tdx-reference-multimedia-image based nightly build for my iMX8M-Plus and Dahlia board. And as I see Qt5_CinematicEx demo app works nicely.

As I understand BSP5 comes with Qt5 v5.14.2. I need to change preferred version to Qt5 5.6 LTS.
Is there a easy way to do that like we have for OpenSSL similar to below line:
PREFERRED_VERSION_openssl = "1.1.%"

Thank you.

Hi @Fide ,

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As far as we know, we are not aware of any quick way to change the preferred version of QT.

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Thank you @kevin.tx,

I realized that our problem was not the Qt5’s version.
The problem was that Qt5 came with BSP5 didn’t include QSessionManager.

So what I did, I created a qtbase_%.bbappend file and added PACKAGECONFIG += "sm" in it which solved our problem.

Thank you.

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