How to change Display Resolution at the time of Open Embedded Build IMX7

I want to change the resolution of the display along with associated timings for a 7" capacitive display bought from Toradex with a resolution 800x480.
I am building a image for QT5 using open embedded as detailed in the article
Host is Ubuntu 8.04LTS and board is Colibri I.MX7D 512MB.

How can I do so before I start the bitbake command?

I am not familiar with that exact CPU module, or which kernel you are using. However, the answer you need is probably here:

hi @aparundekar

Yes you can. Modify u-boot sources to suit your needs , create patch and add patch to your layer in yocto. For reference check out these videos.

Another way to modifying the U-Boot variables is to use the U-Boot environment file after creating the Toradex Easy Installer Image.

Best regards, Jaski

Thanks a lot.
I used vidargs in uboot menu and it was done.
I still could not understand how to modify the dts file , compile uboot using open-embedded.


You don’t need to change the devicetree file but just uboot environment.