How to change default registry parameters (display resolution) on already made image ? WinCE8

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How to change default resolution parameter in the WinCE8 image which is already on the device?

We have Colibri iMX6 board running WInCE8. As a display we use 800x480 5" LCD (VGA).
For example registry settings get screwed by user (wrong configuration saved by mistake). Device no longer boots to proper image.
During bootup of system we send SPACE char via UART and than select C (clear registry). As soon as registry reset we can boot back BUT here is the problem:
WinCE8 V1.0 Beta6 by default has 5inch 4x3 LCD as a default display.
We have to connect different display, after go to Colibri Display utility and change resolution there.

Our goal is:
We want to change permanently in the WinCE8 image setting for default (after registry reset) display configuration as:
800x480 LCD resolution.
How to achieve that?

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Where in the image (in some .ini settings file) I can find default VGA resolution settings which are set for new image deployed ? I really want to change it to make default 800x480 resolution for Toradex WinCE8 ver1.0 image.

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Any word on this please?