How to build the custom minimal os image { using apalis imx6 module } from scratch

we are trying to build the custom minimal os for the apalis board to support our { application os needs }…
we are new to openembedded how we can achieve this …
need your guidance , so that we can take next step in our project…

searched in , couldn’t get proper output …

There are various ways to accomplish this, the one i followed is

  • Find in your layers directory and copy it for yourself.
  • In your copy, modify the items that are going to be built
  • bitbake -k your_copy_of_angstrom_lxde

Another way:

  • Find in the layers and make a copy of it
  • Add the packages you want for your image
  • bitbake

This approach has some things u need to pay attention to. You need to add to the requirements the tdx-image-fstype or else you won’t be getting the tar bz2

Thank u for your response

  1. i didnt get tar bz2 file…
  2. bitbake -k your_copy_of_angstrom_lxde { i cant understand the following command }
  3. Find { did u suggest me the minimal image that should not have the GUI and lightweight }

waiting for your reply …

1 ) the tar bz2 file is the output file that contains image that you want to flash into apalis afterwards
2 ) bitbake -k; that’s what i meant
3 ) i don’t know your requirements, but yes i did suggest that image (no gui no lxde)

thank you Joao …

{ using apalis module }
minimal os without GUI , and support mysql , php7.0

If you don’t need a GUI, you can build from core-image minimal and add the packages that you want to that image recipe.

Once again, please add the requirement to get the desired output image tarball. Check Angstrom LXDE image recipe for that.

Best of luck

My requirements are so simple,I need miniimal image to run on my toradex board.if it has only ssh server its more than enough.

any update…

Please have a look at the following article on our developer website and build your desired custom image as suggested by @Joao .

If you built an alternative image target like core-image-minimal one can just replaced the rootfs from e.g. our Colibri_T20_LinuxImageV2.7Beta1_20170112.tar.bz2 tarball with the one from your core-image-minimal build and update your module as usual. Note however that Toradex images newer than 03.2013 determine the module type from the rootfs/etc/issue file. On newer images use ‘ -h’ and then ‘-m’ parameter to force a module type. For older images add a line so that our script can determine the correct module type e.g.:

sudo sh -c ‘echo “” >> etc/issue’
sudo sh -c ‘echo “Colibri_T20” >> etc/issue’

explain this step clearly … i cant understand it …
after creating core-image-minimal … how i can add SSH package to minimal image …

Did you complete the OpenEmbedded setup as outlined by this article? After this, building the minimal image would be done with this command

MACHINE=apalis-imx6 bitbake console-tdx-image

ssh support is already enabled by default. Please see clarifications for your questions below.

  • couldn’t get proper output/didn’t get tar.bz2 file

Did you give the build command? It is clarified here where the different outputs of build resides. Did you get any errors? What was the output on console?

  • bitbake -k image_target_name { i cant understand the following command }

That command will initiate the build of the target image specified. For your case, console-tdx-image.

  • support mysql , php7.0

MySQL support is not available in OpenEmbedded. The drop in replacement mariadb can be used. We currently use the morty branch of OpenEmbedded. PHP version supported in this branch is 5.6.26. All of this was also communicated to your engineer who visited our office a while ago.

To add support for mariadb and PHP, add the following line to your local.conf file before initiating the build.

IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " mariadb php"

For information on Mariadb vs MySQL, see MariaDB versus MySQL - Features and MariaDB versus MySQL - Compatibility.