How To block the ethernet broadcast packets in WINCE6

We want to block the Ethernet Broadcast packets entering the device .
Can we do this by using firewall setting s in registry in wince6 or any other way is there
Please give the details.

This is required because in some of the client networks there is huge broadcast message over flowing abd the VF61 wince6 device network does not work after sometime, but the other peripheral’s works normal except ethernet.

Please suggest a method hoe to block broadcast and multi cast packets

Dear @zecons
For space reason we omitted certain rarely used components from our standard image - the Firewall is one of them.
If you need it, you need a customized WinCE image. As an alternative we can try whether it is possible to generate an installer for the firewall component to install it on top of our standard image.

However, I’m not too positive that a firewall will help in your case; the VF61 has limited hardware options for Ethernet packet filtering. Therefore every broadcast packet received still generates an interrupt and must be processed in software. Whether this is done by the firewall or by another part of the operating system maybe doesn’t make a big difference.

I would rather try to analyze why this high amount of broadcast messages are generated and if there is a way to avoid them.

In addition you need to define the filtering rules carefully. Some broadcast messages are mandatory for manyTCP/IP communication protocols. Preventing all broadcast messages will probably render your network non-functional.

Best Regards, Andy

if we cannot use Firewall how can we block the broadcast messages entering in to stack level so not tcp/ip stack does not go into unresponsive state.
Please suggest a method how to handle such conditions.
When vf61 tcp/ip stack is unresponsive if we reset the device the device works again…
In the same environments in customers sites some other customer devices (other than VF61) and also our own different devices are working fine.


We are looking into it, we will get back you tomorrow.

Any Update for the above mentioned issue

@zecons Click on this link to download the driver package.
Place System folder in Flashdisk. (It contains driver DLLs), import the registry Firewall.reg. You need to change the firewall settings in the registry files as per your requirements. Check this MSDN documentation and accordingly change it.

If you still face any difficulty, please let us know will try to help you out.

Rajat Baweja