How to autorun application at startup

Hello, I`m trying to have an application run at startup after the module boots. What are the files that should be created for that? What is the procedure?

To startup an application automatically after boot you could do the following:

Create a Unit file terminated with “.service” e.g. autostartup.service
This file should contain the following:

 Description=autostartup service

 ExecStart=/usr/bin/myApplication   <--put here the path where your application is located


Copy the created file to /etc/systemd/system/

Reload the services with the command:
systemctl --system daemon-reload

You can also manipulate the service created with the following commands:

 systemctl status autostatup.service
 systemctl start autostartup.service
 systemctl stop autostartup.service
 systemctl enable autostartup.service
 systemctl disable autostartup.service

Make the service active, reboot the system and your application should run.

You can find the above and other informations regarding the topic on the following article: