How to automatically run desktop app in Weston?

Hi! I want to automatically start a desktop app in Weston after boot. I’ve read the Toradex article and tried both the systemctl and graphical approaches, but without success.

This is the service file I’ve used:

Description=Startup script

ExecStart=/usr/bin/python3 /home/root/magusdl/


I’ve also tried placing a .desktop file in /etc/xdg/autostart/. This is the .desktop file I’ve used:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=My App
Exec=/usr/bin/python3 /home/root/magusdl/

I confirm that when I execute the line /usr/bin/python3 /home/root/magusdl/ from the terminal, it opens the app.

Does anybody know how to make the app launch automatically?

Hello @CristianM ,

It has recently come to our view that the Weston cannot start the Desktop python. And we have come up a workaround like in this example below:

Your app.service may look like this:

    Description=Start a wayland application

And your can look something like this:

if test -z "$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR"; then
    export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/`id -u`
    if ! test -d "$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR"; then
        mkdir --parents $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
        chmod 0700 $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
# wait for weston
while [ ! -e  $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/wayland-0 ] ; do sleep 0.1; done
sleep 1
/path/to/the/application &

We are working on updating the article as well. Meanwhile, I hope this helps!

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Thank you. Unfortunately, as you know from this post, I was forced to move to X11 because the Weston virtual keyboard is not compatible with the Gtk framework that I am using for the Python app. Specifically, it is not displayed when accessing a text input box.

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Hello @CristianM ,

Ah, I see! So this is not relevant to you anymore.
But, still, this is the solution when other customers need! Thank you.

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I’ve tried your solution and it works. If only the weston-keyboard worked…

Thanks. I see that’s been discussed in a separate thread. One of us will pick it up there.

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hello, @CristianM can you teach me to show the weston virtual keyboard… i use pyqt5 and too qt5



Hi. You can see the answers above. There may be some changes due to the fact that you are using qt, but I am not sure.

Dear @AlanM,

Welcome to the Toradex Community. Could you please open a new post about it so that other users could also profit from the possible outcomes? In the meantime you could have a look on topics like this: QtVirtualKeyboard not shown - #7 by DarKMooN

Best regards,