How to add my LCD to the Colibri iMX6

Hi all,

I need some pointers on getting my display settins correct.
I use the colibri iMX6 with the Rev. 3.2 evaluation board. The display is a Densitron DBC-24032024-1A0 with 240x320 resolution in portrait mode with 6-bit RGB parallel input.

So far I got the display working by setting the vidargs in u-boot to:
video=mxcfb0:dev=lcd,320x240R@60,if=RGB666 video=mxcfb1:off video=mxcfb2:off video=mxcfb3:off fbmem=8M

However after booting I get the following message:
mxc_sdc_fb fb.20: 480x272 h_sync,r,l: 41,2,2 v_sync,l,u: 10,2,2 pixclock=9000000 Hz

And thus the resolution is not set to 320x240.
I’m out of ideas how to correct for this.

Any help tips and pointers are welcome

Best regards,

Hi Dennis

I guess you already read this article.

Probably the resolution 320x240 (or for your portrait mode display 240x320) is outside of what the timing calculator is written for. Then the i.MX 6 will probably fall-back to searching the list of available modes and choose the closest one which currently is 480x272.

You can add your display timings to the list of available modes in the kernel and then recompile and deploy the kernel.

Then one would use the modename in the vidargs property in U-Boot to select that new timing.

Hi max.krummenacher,

Thank you for your response. yes I read that article. The list of available modes is very helpfull. I will add my display settings to it and recompile and deploy.
I will let you know if I am succesful