How to add Atmel MXT overlay?

Hi! I am trying to enable the touchscreen interface on a iMX6ULL SoM running on an Aster carrier board. I am using the Toradex 7-inch capacitive touchscreen display.

I read that Toradex Linux BSP 5 uses overlays and I am trying to enable the touch controller. I’ve seen here that there should be an overlay file named “colibri-imx6ull_atmel-mxt_overlay.dtbo”. However, I could not find the file in the device-tree-overlay folder downloaded from Git, nor its source (.dts).

Where can I find the correct overlay file for my SoM and carrier board? In addition, how do I compile it?

Also, how can I enable the overlay? I’ve read here that I should find the file “/boot/overlays.txt” where I can add the overlay. However, I did not find that file. Should I manually create it?

It seems that the overlays are not supported for iMX6ULL. Thus, the only solution is to compile a custom device tree. Hopefully, Toradex will update the page to make this information more clear.

Thanks for your Input. It is clearly written for which module the overlays are supported. The whole devicetree overlays topic is a new thing and work in progress.

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