How to Activate GPRS on i.MX6s board?

Hello all,
I am trying to activate the GPRS on i.MX6s for that I followed the document Embedded Linux Systems - GSM/3G/4G given in this link. I am using Telit He910 GSM/GPRS/GPS module.

I enabled the drivers as described in the document.
I have PPP package in my rootfs.
When I issue the below command
tail -f “/home/root/ppp”

I am getting below errors:
Script chat -v -f /etc/ppp/chat/ finished (pid 732), status = 0x3
Connect script failed

Kindly help regarding this issue.

Best Regards,

Are you using the scripts as is? Can you share the modifications to the scripts if any?

I would first suggest to check whether the modem is properly connected and if required any drivers are properly loaded. As I don’t know nothing about that particular modem resp. Telit having a gazillion of different models thereof you would have to help us in describing your exact connection to that modem and the particular drivers you are trying to use. It may also help us if you would actually describe in detail what exact hardware model and versions you have from us (module and carrier board that is). And what exact BSP version are we talking about?