How to access the SD Card at the IMX6DL terminal

Good morning, how are you?!

I work at Meitech (Mei Industrial) and I have my own base plate manufactured by Cerebra and a Colibri IMX6DL 512MB module, I am having space problems when uploading a React-Nodejs application (Image attached).

So I put an SD Card to be able to run the application through it, but I’m not able to access the card through the terminal.

Could you let me know if the “Javascript heap out of memory” error (attached) can be solved in another way?

And also how do I access the SD card in the terminal?link text

Thank you!

Hi @matheushh!

The SD card should be mounted automatically by the system.

In case it was not, you can try listing the block devices with lsblk. Identify your device, create a mount point and then mount it manually, e.g.:

# mkdir /mnt/sdcard

# mount -o /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt/sdcard

About the Javascript issue, I found this answer. There seems to be a parameter when invoking Node that allows the increasing of memory usage, e.g.:

# node --max-old-space-size=4096 yourFile.js

Okay, these steps didn’t solve the problem.

I tried other solutions as well, but I was not successful in any.

So I tested it on another board with an Apalis IMX6 module and it worked correctly.

I believe that the input of the SD card of Cerebra’s base plate is defective, I will take it for analysis

Thanks a lot for the help!

You are welcome. Thanks for your feedback.