How do we change splash screen on Colibri VF50 and VF61?


How do we update splash screen on VF61 module?


Splash screen creation tool is not yet available for Vybrid modules. You will need to create picture and send it to us for conversion. Please send us the bitmap in the correct resolution and with 8BPP. ( )

Converting of image costs 1 support hour for 1 image.

After you will receive splash screen from us you can run Update tool click “Update” button and select the file we sent you. After its finished you can reboot the device and splash screen will be there.

In the meantime we have a tool available which converts a BMP to the correct splash screen file format for our Vybrid modules. Please see our developer website article for details:

Is there no way to convert the Splashscreen on our own?

Is there no way to convert the Splashscreen on our own?

No, the two only option you have are:

  1. Send us your bitmap file and we convert it for you
  2. Purchase the converter tool and you can convert as many pictures as you want.

Please check our developer website for details and prices:

We purchased your splashscreen tool in 2010. I seems that we need a new splashscreen tool to convert our bitmap files to the vybrid format. Do we have to buy the splashscreen tool again or is the new program available for free for us?
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Please contact support for this. You can also state in the email that you want to talk with me. Next time please open new topic.