How do I Upgrade Python to 2.7.9?

I have an Apalis T30 with the dizzy based angstrom distribution (V2.4) which ships with python 2.7.3 but I require something later than 2.7.7. I found a patch [here][1]. I am a little new to this and was wondering how to apply the patch and compile the image. Please help.


Why still using dizzy branch ? Instead of back porting the recipes it would be nice to switch to the jethro branch which already has python v2.7.9.

Our v2.6 Linux images are based on jethro. If you already have oe-core configured it would be rather easy to update to later version, refer this for information on updating the existing oe-core configuration.

We are yet to upgrade. Was wondering if it was possible to patch just the python buts until we are cleared to do a system upgrade

This is not a recommended way to do, also I’m not sure about the build state after the patch. I tried to cherry-pick the commit, it has merge conflits, tried to fix the merge conflicts and this the patch. May be you can give this patch a try.

# cd oe-core/stuff/openembedded-core/
# git am < <path-of-the-patch>