How do I know if I installed the image of Win 8 correctly on a Colibri iMX6S v1.0?, I can not write files to the FLASH and I can not run applications

I am working with the module colibri iMX6S 256 MB.
When we received came preloaded with Linux embeded, so following this tutorial, we load the operating system v1.0 WinCE8 , the system starts properly, but I can not transfer any files to the internal memory.
The module is mounted on a Colibri Evaluation Board. USB memory is read correctly, the files are observed, I select anyone then I press copy, and try to paste the file into the flash but doesn´t works,
no error message is displayed.

When I try to run some internal application, like the debugger, either nothing appears on the screen.

Also install the WinCE image 8 v1.1beta2, which are the only ones available, also occur the same mistakes.

How can i fix this?

Copy and paste does not work in explorer on Windows Embedded Compact 2013:
You should be able to copy files using command prompt.
The debugger client has no user interface, this is by design.

Hi, thanks for your answer.

I used the AutoCopy function and I could transfer files from a USB without problems.

The other question, about running applications, even I do not work out.
Previously had a WinCE application running on a iMX357 processor with Windows CE 6.0 , we are currently migrating towards a iMX6S processor with WinCE 8, so I need to know if this application can work on this OS. Already downloaded app files to the internal memory , but when I run the .exe nothing happens, does not works and no error message appears

Windows Embedded Compact 2013 (CE8) is not binary compatible with previous version, so the only way to run an existing application is to rebuild its source code using the CE8 compiler. This means migrating your project from VS2008 to VS2012/2013/2015.
You may experience some issues due to the fact that some components used by the application are not included in our image or even no longer supported on CE8. It’s not easy to figure out if you may experience those issues, building the application usually gives some good hints.
As an alternative you may try to run Windows Embedded Compact 7 (CE7) that is binary compatible with CE6.