How do I flash iMX6 with Linux from Windows

I have an iMX6 module that is currently programmed with Windows.
I would like to flash it with Linux, but from a Windows machine.
I am unable to find anything in my searches and was wondering if (1) this is possible, and (2) if so, what is the process?
Any help would be appreciated.
Best regards,

Please have a look at our new Toradex Easy Installer.

As @marcel.tx already suggested, you can use our new easy installer, from a Windows or Linux PC.
To enter recovery mode you can use the HW method described in the instructions or enter the bootloader console by connecting a serial console to UARTA and pressing space during the first 2 seconds of boot.
Then type:
bootfrom usb
and the module will enter recovery mode without needing HW operations.

Thanks for the feedback…
I have the iMX6 module connected into the Colibri Evaluation board.
I intercept the uBoot and get the command line, however when I enter “bmode usb” I get Invalid Command.
Any idea what am I doing wrong?

Ah, sorry, just read the comment from valter.tx - looks like the command has changed to:
bootfrom usb

This is looking better now :slight_smile:

It’s not a change in the command.
bootfrom is the command for eboot, bmode the one from u-boot.
So after you installed Linux you can use bmode to enter recovery mode again, if needed.
Usually our i.mx6 modules come with Linux and the instructions reference u-boot commands.

It works great!
Thanks for the quick support, and for a very simple to use tool!