How do I create a WEC 7 image for the colibri T30 with a small footprint

I have created a WEC 7 image using the Toradex workspace version 1.4 as well as creating a custom image using the BSP. When I build the images the nk.nb0 file is always approximately 60mb which is huge in comparison to the images provided by Toradex. I have tried removing many of the unnecessary peripherals with only minor results.
Module boot time is paramount to the application I am developing and due to the size of the image this has been drastically effected.

I am not quite sure why the image size is so large for both the workspace and the BSP. Can anyone guide me to a method in which i can create an image with a small footprint to increase boot time.


The Toradex Images are compressed. So the size is reduced by about 50%. This reduces the boot time by about half a second. The image is smaller but has to be decompressed. You can buy this feature for your images for 5 support hours.

We provide several hints on boot time optimization here.

One of our engineers once hold a talk about boot time optimization. The talk goes into the details. You can find this here. It provides you some background knowledge you may need to optimize.

If you need some further help to optimize your BSP size, please contact our support team