How can I use distro boot?

A similar question was asked here.

Are there any Toradex articles on this, helper scripts in the BSP, or maybe even a distro boot branch? I saw this, but because it’s so general, one would first have to understand the documentation, then understand the Toradex u-boot setup, then manually implement the changes, which is a lot of work to get the kernel and device tree in /boot.

We don’t currently have an article describing this setup.

If you’re building the image with OpenEmbedded-Core / Yocto Project, then you can simply edit our image recipe where we explicitly move the kernel and device tree out of /boot into its own partition. However, note that our other flashing scripts & boot environment expect these files to be in the FAT32 boot partition. Although if you use distroboot, the boot parameters can be configured as described in the distroboot documentation.