How can I power the dahlia Carrier Board continuously?

How can I bypass the power button on Dahlia Carrier Board?

Like when the power cycle from the adaptor, board turn on its self without pushing the power button


From Dahlia datasheet: Always-ON Jumper (JP3)
Jumper JP3 can be used to obtain “Always-On” behavior.
Type: 1x2 Pin Header Male, 2.54mm Pitch

Jumper position Description
OPEN The power ON/OFF Switch controls the board power supply
CLOSED The board power supply is in the “Always-On” state. The Dahlia Carrier Board powers up as soon as external power is applied

By default, jumper JP3 is open.

Pin 3 of the connector X5 can be used to override the Pushbutton controller. The following table
shows the behavior of the board according to the level of the PWR_CTRL signal:
PWR_CTRL Level Description
0V The Push-button controller is working normally
3.3V The Dahlia Carrier Board is Always ON when power is applied

Thanks All good