How can I power the Apalis Evaluation Board continuously?

I would like to turn the power of the Apalis Evaluation Board on and off in a automated manner. To beeing able to do this I need some way to power the board continuously. (When using connector X17 for power supply pressing down the On/Off button SW9 all the time does not work.)

How can I supply the Apalis Eval Board with power continuously?

In the Apalis Eval Board data sheet on p. 12 is stated that the “Power button control signal” can be accessed externally. How does this work in detail? Is there an easier alternative?

Dear @Florian_K,
the Apalis Evaluation Board implements the same features described in the following question:

The only difference is that on the Apalis Evaluation Board:

  1. Always ON jumper is JP19

  2. Power Control Header is X61

I really hope this helps, please don’t hesitate to use again the Toradex Developer Community if required.

Option 1) works for me.