How can i make an image for iMX7 but with Qt5.4.1?


ist it possible to make an image for Colbiri iMX7 with Qt5.4.1 ?


I’m afraid that you will have to make a full Yocto build, adding the Qt libraries to your image, which may or may not be the original Angstrom-LXDE image Toradex uses but with the Qt libraries added.

Please check the OpenEmbedded (core) documentation from Toradex first, and then more concretely the “Adding the Qt5 layer” part:

You will have to add the packages to the image

PREFERRED_PROVIDER_psplash-support = "psplash-angstrom"
IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " qtbase qtbase-fonts qtbase-plugins cinematicexperience"

and afterwards, build the SDK to cross-compile with QtCreator:

Yocto/OpenEmbedded (core) is a huge world, where you can easily wander and get lost, so I hope this helps to get you on track :slight_smile:


@Zanam In addition to the above, you would need to use the fido branch of meta-qt5 layer, since Qt 5.4.2 was available in the fido branch. See here.