How can i install pip3 in Apalis IMx6?

I am trying to install python 3 in my toradex development board but i am not able to download pip3 there…
i need to install certain modules(ex:serial,pyserial) in python 3 but for this it requires pip3 due to which i am not been able to do so…please guide me the steps through which i will be able to install both python3 and pip3 in my toradex board

Hello @akshat and Welcome to the Toradex Community!

Could you provide the version of the Hardware and Software of your module?

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hardware version is Apalis iMX6q V1.1C
and software version is kernel version : 4.9.166 -2.8.6

Hi @akshat

You need to build a custom image and add python3-pip to this custom image.

Alternatively you can install our new Software Platform named Torizon which features running a debian container where you can install the packages out of box.

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i also want to know one more thing…for app development using QT in toradex which will be better…python or c++?
does python really have a speed issue?
please help me in this point…i am confused with it…shall we go for python?or c++ will be good for it?

hi @akshat: Since this is a different topic, can you open a new Question, please?

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OK i am posting it as different question

Thanks and best regards, Jaski