How can I get output on monitor from Apalis IMX6 evaluation board?

I connected DC power supply to Apalis IMX6 evaluation board and connected a VGA cable from it to the monitor. I am not able to get any output to the monitor.
Can anybody pls suggest what I need to do in addition to this?

Which OS do you intend to use? Can you connect to the serial debug port as described here and access the serial debug console?

Note that on Linux the i.MX 6 X driver allows X11 only on one display output.

The Linux on Apalis i.MX6 configures that output by default to be on the DVI output.

Have a look here.

I am currently using Linux Ubuntu 14.04. Yes, I can connect serial debug port and can access serial debug access.

Thanks for the link max!

Yes, I got the fact that Linux on Apalis i.MX6 configures the ouput to be on DVI.
I guess, the link which you shared helps in configuring the output to VGA as well. Still, I am not getting the command to do the same. Can you pls help regarding this?

One has to change the vidargs U-Boot environment variable as described here.

I followed kvkhekale and sanchayan.tx said but its not getting power on