How can i flash(program) eboot.imx to Colibri IMX6 from recovery mode?

I have a free sample with Linux on the board. How can i load a windows on it.
I try boot from recovery mode.[upload|7R2EHu4MIqUsUW1rs/A//OHSXcI=]

I succefuly load XLDR_RECOVERY.imx to som.[upload|fVn8Rr6YqSF9eaDjxQx/2nWNlGA=]

When i plug in SD card, c eboot.imx into a Carrier board i have next picture. [upload|Aze646zUfmU9kMUtiZehnDMo3HY=]
What my next steps for booting wce7.
Or i do some things wrong?

You can power cycle the board (reset won’t work, you need to turn it off and back on) and the bootloader will now start from eMMC.
Then you can follow instructions here: