How can I delete a Folder on the USB HD?


by developing an Application i encountered a difficult problem.
I used the Directory.Delete-Methode (String, Boolean) [ ]

I used it as followed:
System.IO.Directory.Delete(“\FlashDisk\Folder\MyFolder”, true) ==> folder is deleted
System.IO.Directory.Delete(“\USB HD\FlashDisk\Folder\MyFolder”, true) ==> IOException, folder is not deleted.

Do you have a hint what could go wrong?

Best Regards, Stefan

Sorry but this issue is still existing.
But at least it is not an A Priority :wink:

Hi Stefan,

Do you have any files inside folder? Are there any more subfolders?
Can you send me the content of the folders? How do you create them?

Hi Luka,

the folder has files inside. There are no subfolders.
Maybe i will create a simpler example because the environment is bit more complex.

Best regards,

@Stefan.P: Please send it to us over and provide us the link for the download.