Hindi characters displayed incorrectly on WinCE8

Hello, while adding support for hindi language for our application, we noticed that matras and half consonants were not displayed properly. Eg.: The images show the hindi word “पश्यति” in a C# application in a label in Wince8 and Win32. Notice that the half consonant is displayed with a ् (halant) the position of the ि is not correct.

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Hi @Dashur_7,

A similar problem has been discussed here. It is basically due to the WinCE image having no uniscribe (Unicode complex script processing) support.

However, there is a workaround given in the same link that could be suitable for your application if you require to just display text in hindi.

Hi @sahil.tx ,

The workaround discussed in the post corrects the directions for the matras but we are still not able to add half consonants. Could we get a WinCE 2013 build with support for uniscribe on VF50 and VF61? If yes, how many support hours would it cost?


You can add uniscribe support to your image as described here or we can create an installer for you at the cost of 4 support hours.