Headphone Jack detection for SGTL5000 soc codec on Apalis TK1/Ixora V1.0B

I am curious if the sgtl5000 soc codec has HP jack detection support. I see in the kernel source tree for toradex the feature is listed as “TBD” will this feature be added to the upcoming Apalis/Ixora V1.2 modules? Thank you in advance Toradex community.



The SGTL5000 codec is not able to detect if something is connected to the headphone jack. Also Ixora does not provide a signal which could be used.

So no, we will not provide such a feature.

Note that the link you provide talks about PGA, programmable gain amplifier and has nothing to do with jack detection. The tbd marks the position were one would add an external, software controllable amplifier.


Is it possible to replace the sglt5000 codec with another codec as Jetson TK1 has, rt5639 which has jack detection? I assume it would require smd rework.

There are no plans to do any rework of the on module audio subsystem.

If you need that feature you could design your custom carrier board. Then you have several options:

  • use a suitable Audio Jack and detect a plugged jack thorough a GPIO.
  • use an external amplifier with integrated jack detection.
  • use an external codec connected to the digital I2S lines which integrates the jack detection.

All of the above HW solution will require you to integrate that into the SW in some way.

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the response. I would love to design my own carrier board but the costs are extremely high last I looked. Something like $50,000

Dear @mgorski117,
since you might be interested in designing your own carrier board, I would say that it is worth mentioning that Toradex provides, free of charges, the Altium project of all its carrier boards.
These are complete projects that can be opened and edited. They can be therefore used as a good starting point for your custom carrier board.

Please have a look at this page of the developer website:
You will find the above mentioned Altium projects, detailed schematic and layout design guides full of very useful information. You will also find the Pinout Designer Tool that can be a really valuable instrument to discover and select the interfaces provided by the Toradex modules.

Lastly, this page contains also a list of partner that could help you with this project.

I really hope this helps, please don’t hesitate to use again the Toradex developer community if needed.