HDMI No display anything

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  • Linux verdin-imx8mp-14773423 5.15.77-6.2.0+git.aa0ff7e3554e #1-TorizonCore SMP PREEMPT Wed Mar 29 15:33:40 UTC 2023 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux

Images tested:

  • torizon-core-docker-verdin-imx8mp-Tezi_6.2.0+build.2.tar (STABLE Release)

Guest OS:

  • macOS (M1 Pro ARM64)
  • Linux ubuntu (VM x86_64)

A bit of context first, we have design our custom carrier board based on the Dahlia, so most of it is the same and supposedly work the same.

Our problem is with the HDMI chip, we don’t have any output on the display.

We use the same schematic and same hardware than the one used in the Dhalia. We can detect the display (as you can see in the logs of weston) but there is nothing that is display on the screen. The device tree is unchanged from the one in imx8mp-verdin.dtsi and the overlay verdin-imx8mp_hdmi_overlay.dts is correctly loaded. One hint is that the tty7 doesn’t exist and give me an error (?).

Here is the dmesg related of the board:
2023.05.24.dmesg.hdmi.log (33.7 KB)

Here is the logs from the weston container:
2023.05.24.weston.log (17.1 KB)

I hope you will be able to help me.

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cat /proc/device-tree/chosen/overlays/verdin-imx8mp_hdmi_overlay.dtbo


After a deeper review of the Carrier Board we realize that the company that assembled the board messed up with a component that was used by the HDMI