Having trouble installing Wifi Driver to Apalis Evaluation Board (imx6) on BSP 5.3

Hi Toradex Community,

I am trying to install a Wifi driver for my LM808 USB Wifi Adapter.

My hardware:
Apalis Evaluation Board with IMX6Q 1GB V1.1B
Linux BSP 5.3

After reading some guides on the Toradex website, I discover that the only way to install it is via Kernel Backport.

As I am using BSP5.3, the statement " Attention: Only BSP 2.7 and 2.8 (plus downstream Apalis TK1 on BSP 3.0) support backports integration." (Found here >Kernel Driver Backports Integration) confused me.

Does that mean I cannot use Kernel Backport on BSP 5.3 and the only way to install my WIFI driver is to downgrade to BSP 2.7/2.8?

I tried to download the linux kernel from the Wifi’s adapter official website (https://www.lm-technologies.com/product/wifi-usb-adapter-433mbps-lm808/ ) and copied it into the Toradex system in an attempt to “Make” and compile it. However this attempt failed as the Linux BSP5.3 do not support the “Make” command. (make: command not found).

Can anyone provide me some solutions?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @alexjunteh , our BSPs don’t support native compile. You have to cross-compile the driver on your PC.