Hantronix Display

How can i connect this display to my Colibri Evaluation board? The data sheet ban be seen attached.

How may I connect my touch panel to the development board? I assume we would be connecting to X16, but I am unsure how I might bypass the need for the capacitive touch adapter (part number 01511000).
N. Bruce

The X16 connector on the Colibri Evaluation Board is dedicated to the resistive touch interface. Since your display’s touch controller uses an I2C interface, you should use the X7 connector (pins 47, 48) or the X3 connector (pins C28, A29). Additionally, you need to provide power to the touch IC chip integrated into your display and include the corresponding driver in your Linux build.
If you don’t need a touch functionality you can left the touch interface unconnected.

Please note that the Toradex capacitive touch adapter (part number 01511000) is not compatible with your display.